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The Sandoval Concept is a condensed interpretation of Enrique’s 10 years in the industry. We have a strong but simple ethos; we want you to feel as good as possible when you walk out our salon doors. We will take our time with each appointment to assure you the best quality. This means we talk to you, get to know you as a person and design your style around what we find out- it’s why all of our appointments start with a consultation. We don’t cut corners, we cut hair. And we do it really well, every single time.

About Me

Enrique Sandoval

hairdresser, hairstylist & barber

Enrique has been in the hairdressing business for 10 years. It has been a decade-long training in making people look and feel as best they possibly can.



My Story

Enrique started training straight out of school. He spent 2 years in a salon in a small village just outside of Madrid before officially beginning his hairdressing career in the city. With his infectious energy, Enrique quickly won round the locals into loyal customers of his- something he still has the ability to do today. 

In 2016 Enrique moved to Paris where he trained at a well known Parisian salon for 4 months working purely on colours. The city is known for being the cutting edge of colouring and is the place to learn. This was a huge turning point in his career; Enrique realised there was more out there to discover- so he moved to London. He trained at the renowned salon Vidal Sassoon and fell in love with the city. Between then and now, Enrique has trained in barbery and continued learning the latest techniques in cutting and colouring. 

Enrique has brought his globally-acquired knowledge to the South West of London and is now based in Clapham where he set up The Sandoval Concept.


Sandoval Concept has been specialising in Balayage since 2013. 10 years of expertise has meant that Enrique has been able to add his own interpretation to the style, meaning you’ll walk out with a look completely unique to you. No cut-and-stamp templates, this is your Balayage.


After cutting over 30,000 heads of hair if Enrique isn’t a complete expert, then who is? With so many cuts under his belt he has done it all. Whatever style you want, classic or contemporary, he’s done it probably before and will be able to advise you from experience.

Hair Up

There’s a lot of stress around big moments; weddings, events and special occasions are a cause for a lot of emotions. Let Sandoval Concept take some of that stress away. Enrique dives deep with a consultation to discuss your vision for your hair, so you can rest assured that when the day comes, you’ll have the perfect hairstyle. 


By The Numbers

A testament to his experience, Enrique has clocked up some serious numbers in his time as a hairdresser.


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